“Keeping your information confidential is Priority 1”



Since the outbreak of COVID-19, many people have spent extra time at home cleaning their garages, closets, storage sheds and more. Additionally, more people have been working from home and generating more documents than ever before. With an increase in the need to purge documents stored at home, the services a shred day event offers are even more important.

Shredding events are critical to communities that want to be eco-friendly and to safeguard people’s identities. In 2022, the “Federal Trade Commission (FTC) reported receiving 1.1 million reports of identity theft through its IdentyTheft.gov website.  It can take a person on average, six months and 200 hours of work – phone calls, letters, tracking and reconciling – to recover from identity theft.

The FTC’s also states that “providing a secure way for residents to dispose of important documents is essential.” Teaming with Priority 1 Shredding to host a shred day event offers this service.



Due to COVID-19, shred events will be no-contact events. Priority 1 Shredding staff, volunteers, and participants will practice social distancing. Priority 1 Shredding staff will wear personal protective equipment that includes masks and gloves. All participants are asked to remain in their vehicles while Priority 1 Shredding staff remove the documents from their trunk.

Client’s Responsibilities: Choose a place to host your shredding day that is large enough to accommodate the Priority 1 Shredding truck and your participants. A parking lot is one of the most common locations, but you must obtain any permission necessary for its use. To help ensure your shred day event is successful, you must get the word out in advance. Advertising is key to getting the turn out you desire. In your advertisement, make clear who is able to participate in your shred day event, for example, residents of a community, parishioners of a church, constituents of a specific voting district, etc… Be clear that the shred event is not for businesses. Set a limit on the amount of documents each person/car can bring, for example, three box maximum per car. Inform all participants that only paper will be accepted, no metals, plastic, wood, liquids, matches, cigarette lighters, or electronics. However, staples and paper clips do not need to be removed.

Priority 1 Shredding’s Responsibilities: On the day of the event, Priority 1 Shredding will dispatch a mobile unit that will arrive 30 minutes prior to the event. We will setup and conduct shredding for the duration of the event.

Documents or items to be shredded will be collected into our security bins. These bins attach to the side of our mobile shredding unit, that lifts the bin and dumps its content directly into our shredder. You’ll be able to watch the process. Priority 1 Shredding will only take paper and not the boxes or plastic bags participants use to transport them in.

Once all paper has been securely shredded, Priority 1 Shredding will provide its clients with a Certificate of Destruction for their records. The shredded documents will be transported for recycling. In this process, the paper will be cleaned, sorted from any non-paper materials, and recycled into new paper materials. More specifically, during this process all ink will be removed from the shredded particles. No trace of any sensitive information will remain.